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Insuring your production

Whether it’s your car, home or business, arranging insurance goes without saying.

Should a disaster occur, you want to know you’re protected. So why should your amateur theatre group be any different?

An amateur theatre group requires insurance to protect its members, equipment, employees, volunteers and the general public.

At NODA Insurance, we thought that with this in mind, we’d give some advice on the areas that need to be considered when insuring your amateur theatre production.

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Your essential guide to protection

Loss, damage and theft of equipment such as props, costumes and lighting can be expensive to replace. Insurance would simply protect your society from any large and unexpected bills. Remember you may be responsible for insuring hired in equipment.

Public Liability
In many places, public liability is a requirement when hiring the venue. This essentially covers injury to any person and physical loss or damage to material property. This includes injury to members of the society but excludes employees.

Employers Liability
This is pretty much the same as public liability. However, it covers those either voluntary or contractually employed by the society. Products Liability Similar to public liability, this is usually a requirement when hiring a venue. Should your society be giving out badges or selling cakes for example, products liability will have your society covered if a member of the public is hurt or injured due to your products.

Looking after money of a voluntary organisation comes with responsibility – especially when funds are likely to be limited. Typical cover should include loss of money on the premises, in transit and whilst in the hands of authorised members.

Fidelity Guarantee
Should your society experience a loss resulting from an act of fraud or dishonesty committed by society officials, fidelity guarantee will have this covered.

Personal Accident
It’s important to protect members who suffer an accident while carrying out society activities. Should they not be able to return to work for a period of time, they can claim a weekly benefit to supplement their income. Note that this doesn’t replace the need for individuals to arrange cover themselves for wider loss of earnings.

Should a performance have to be cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, abandonment will provide cover for loss of expenses. It can also provide cover to avoid completely cancelling a production, replacing a performer for example. It should be noted that restrictions can apply, so we recommend reading policy documents carefully so you understand what is covered.

Committee Insurance
With the current ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ culture, society officials are naturally keen to protect themselves when acting in an official capacity. A simple mistake or oversight could have serious implications. That’s where Committee Insurance comes in – it indemnifies officials for damages and legal expenses for which they’re legally liable.

Our wide range of services

In addition to all the other benefits of NODA membership, NODA Insurance is pleased to offer a wide range of services to help protect and support your society and its members.

These include:

Society Insurance

This is a comprehensive insurance package for amateur theatre groups, including; public and employers liability, property, abandonment, personal accident and money.

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SAVE more than £50 on the standard package.

Personal Home Insurance

NODA members can take advantage of comprehensive cover. This includes accidental damage and world-wide cover as standard.

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Committee Insurance

This provides further protection for committee members when acting in an official capacity on behalf of your society.

NODA Member Benefit:

SAVE more than £35 on the standard package.

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